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Dope Magazine:It’s My Party And I’ll Consume If I Want To: Infused Funfetti Cake Mix from Chronic Desserts By Ashleigh Castro

December 12, 2017

Consumption of cake is now possible! Baking from scratch can be overwhelming. Chronic Desserts has made fresh-baked, medicated morsels a breeze with a take-home baking line! Products to Perfect the Lost Art of DIY Edibles by Lindsay MaHarry

August 18, 2017

Chronic Desserts, one of the most creative edible companies in the game, is helmed by the self-taught dynamo Leilani Kaloha. While her gorgeous, custom baked-goods grace countless parties, weddings, and showers (peep her IG here), in creating the first pre-medicated hash-infused cake mix, Kaloha has outdone herself. Best Edibles to take to a summer BBQ party by Lindsay MaHarry

June 01, 2017

Custom Tray of Chronic Dessert Cupcakes

These barbecues, which are capable of bridging the friend/family continuum, are usually centered around a particular celebration, like your childhood best friend’s birthday party, per se. Excite your peers, and dazzle old skeptics into submission with a tray of Chronic Dessert’s insane cupcakes.

Chronic Desserts featured in the 420 issue of Dope Magazine

April 05, 2017

Owner and pastry chef Leilani Kaloha sits down with Dope Magazine and tells how she got into the edible industry and the highs and lows of of the business


December 15, 2016

Pastry Chef Leilani at Chronic Desserts created this custom cake for a winter wedding! Featuring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his girlfriend Clarise on top, the bottom tier of this winter snowflake cake is an almond cake with lemon curd filling. The second tier is a dark chocolate cake with cookies ‘n’ cream filling and the top tier is a german chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Combined, all three delicious layers contain cake 3000 mg of THC made from OG Fire bubble hash. Divided among 75 guests, each slice delivers about 40 mg for a nice party dose for seasoned cannaphiles. Contact San Diego-based Chronic Desserts for your custom cannabis cakes!

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