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CEO/Professional Culinary & Pastry Chef

Highly acclaimed by edible connoisseurs and wedding goers across Southern California; professional pastry chef Leilani creates custom gourmet medicated hash edibles for the ultimate sugar high.


Chronic Desserts, founded in 2013 by CEO and head pastry chef, Leilani , creates innovative and highly stylized designer cannabis edibles for the medical marijuana market.  A southern California native, Leilani first began in the cannabis industry after being frustrated by the lack of variety, quality, and taste of medicated edibles in the marketplace.  As a non-smoker, edibles presented the best path for Leilani to utilize the medicinal benefits of cannabis, leading to a trial period of developing the proper balance of taste and lab-tested dosing, which has resulted in some of the industry’s best edibles.

As a completely self-taught culinary & pastry chef, Leilani has continuously added to her array of medicated edible products specializing in everything from multi-tiered designer wedding cakes, to cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and even dried cake mixes.  With the ability to customize any order, Leilani accommodates all special dietary needs including vegan, dairy free, sugar free, and gluten free, as well as being able to specify desired cannabis strain, all of which makes her creations truly unique in the edibles market.

An award-winning bakery, Chronic Desserts has been named ‘Top 5 Amazing Edible Bakeries’ (May 2016) by, and won 1st place, People’s Choice, at Edible Sesh Los Angeles.  Leilani’s creations continue to be regularly featured on,, showcasing the amazing diversity and creativity available from Chronic Desserts.

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